Friday, August 21, 2015

Cocoon Me

My motto this summer has been:  Work hard, play harder.  I have been having an awfully good time.  I have to say though that the traveling, studying for my life coach program, and the ongoing projects I have been working on have kind of kept me behind the 8 ball.  The thing that suffered has been the blog.  I have not had time to do it all, but it won't always be that way.  Hang in there with me!

While in the Hamptons last weekend I learned about Chris Burch's new project.  Chris Burch (of Tory Burch's ex and the defunct C. Wonder stores) has a new project, and this one I can get behind!

Cocoon 9  is an upscale, sustainable, modern approach to living in a prefabricated, flexible structure with a high design aesthetic.  Whether using it as a pool house, guest house, artist or yoga studio, mountain side home (ME,ME,ME) or oceanside bungalow, it has a plethora of possibilities!  Built by custom home builder Edwin Mahoney, it allows for some customization, but is full of well thought out details and plenty of storage.

Mecox Gardens in Southampton assembled one on their grounds for tours.  It is impressive.

The cabins are made of steel and can be configured or stacked in several ways.  They are environmentally friendly, can withstand 150 mph winds, can be adapted for solar power, have insulated walls and incorporate LED lighting.  They are 12 by 40 feet and average $250,000.00.  There is a "lite" model as well which is a little smaller and therefore a little less costly.  The floors are kept light and a lot of white lacquer is employed along with floor to ceiling windows, all in an effort to reflect light and connect to the outdoors so you get the feel of a more expansive space.  Kitchenettes, bathrooms and murphy beds are included, but there are MANY clever ways to upgrade your petite prefab.  Carrera marble and bamboo anyone?

HC & G  hosted a girl's get-together at Chris Burch's Cocoon 9 pool house on his Southampton property.

I may get that mountain house after all !!!

Once I find the perfect piece of property near Aspen ~ I am ready to rock and roll.  The lead time is 16 weeks.  Hell, I've waited longer for a table!

phs: HC & G via Eric Striffler, Cocoon 9

Monday, August 10, 2015

Greg Lotus

I came across Greg Lotus' work in Miami.  I was transfixed by the limited edition photographs in NIBA Home in the Design District.  His fashion and fantasy fusion subject matter really intrigued me.  A little research on my part revealed he is a regular contributor to Italian Vogue, GQ, and
W magazines, as well as major advertising campaigns for American and European companies.  He is also a favorite among celebrities.  Who knew?

"Drawing inspiration from classical paintings and geometric forms, Greg Lotus' work has been compared to Herb Ritts, Man Ray and Richard Avedon, and his [work] fuses his high fashion background with the rural environment of his youth." - Wall Street International, September 2013

His modest, small town upbringing and model good looks helped shape him into the world class photographer he is today.  He liked being behind the camera, not in front of it.  Either way we win!

Many of his photos include exotic animals in a most particular way.  Lotus explains he likes to bring together or mix the animals into the world of high fashion, "Linking the rarefied atmosphere of the fashion industry to the organic beauty of the natural world."

Sex appeal is the common denominator.  He wants you to think "desire" first.  Some of his photos are over five feet in size.  He wants you to be drawn in, to participate.   If the size doesn't do it, the eyes of this woman in the photo Summer Day will.

Many of the  photographs in the bathing beauties series were hung on the wall in the store, some came from his website.  This particular one of the "beauties" in bathing caps I literally could not take my eyes off of.  It kept calling me back for another look.  I don't know if it was the color of their swimming caps, the composition, her eyes or what, but it really spoke to me!

Under the heading of It's a small world, I have written about Brizo (here and here) and the wonderful opportunities the company has afforded bloggers and designers to help us get to know their products, their passions, their philanthropy, and the people behind the products.  Well, I found out Greg is one of the people behind the products.   Coincidentally, he shot several of their beautiful fashion forward advertising campaigns.

Future gallery exhibits and a book are on the horizon for Greg.  In the meantime ~
Check out this man's instagram account.  His work is GORGEOUS!

#Your welcome

ph:Greg Lotus

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Dream Closet

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I have been fantasizing about moving for some time, that I love anything animal print, and I created a (locally) semi famous closet  for a client.

So when COMPASS came and asked me if I would be interested in designing a dream closet of my own, hypothetically speaking, I said, "YES!"  I believe in writing things down and the power of vision boards.  I just did a post on manifesting dreams.  I believe in the power of dreaming and scheming.  So maybe one day after this post, this may come true and I'll have a dream closet too!

I didn't have that much difficulty coming up with exactly what I would want.  All my favorite design items that I covet, in one fabulously organized room where my clothes (color coordinated of course) were the focal point, only to be out shown by a few key pieces, and I would call said room my closet; yes, yes, and yes.

I envision beautiful white built-ins with white Venetian plastered walls and a hand painted, custom colored de Gourney cherry blossom wallpaper on the ceiling.  Like a bud off one of the branches would hang a Lindsey Adelman light fixture that could bring tears to your (my) eyes.

The Herve Van Der Straeten bench takes center stage atop a zebra rug that would sit on African walnut floors.  I gaze towards my beautiful wardrobe contemplating the day, sipping an espresso from my coffee/wine bar that would be neatly tucked into an antique armoire.  Across the room it reflects in the giant gilt mirror that also throws light on my simple but elegant Barbara Barry vanity with a Christopher Spitzmiller lamp on top.      

Don't even get me started on the bathroom/spa that would open up off of that.
Heaven, I would be in heaven....